Evaluation of a New System in Future L4 Vehicles: Use Cases and Methodology for the SUaaVE European Project

Davide Salanitri, James Jackson, Cristina Periago


The current era is experiencing an epochal technological advancement in the automotive industry, with electrification, automation and connectivity driving research and innovation. Various disciplines involved in the design and development of vehicles are affected by this progress and new aspects, such as acceptance, trust, ethics and emotions which will become fundamental components of the market. All these aspects will be investigated in the project SUaaVE. SUaaVE is a European project aiming at improving the users’ acceptance, trust and comfort of future Level 4 automated vehicles by involving the user in the development of the concept of a new system called ALFRED. This paper will describe the methodology developed for the evaluation of ALFRED, by representation of future vehicle use cases to be used as a means for assessment.


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