Organizational Capabilities in Data-driven Value Creation: A Literature Review

Prashanth Madhala, Hongxiu Li, Nina Helander


Prior research has shown that organizational capabilities can help enhance competitive advantages. However, organizational capabilities are also required to develop in order to keep up with the dynamic environment or changing business environment. Over the last decade, data has been introduced as a new business resource in organizations, which brings both new opportunities and challenges in data-driven value creation in organizations. There is a need to understand what organizational capabilities are needed in achieving data-driven value creation for organizations. This study conducts an exploratory literature review to understand what organizational capabilities are related to data-driven value creation. Based on the selected 14 articles from the literature between years 2016 and 2020, the literature review shows that analytics capabilities are the most important capabilities in data-driven value creation together with other different capabilities. There is more room for research with regards to organizational capabilities in data-driven value creation, such as to examining what are the components of analytics capabilities and how organizations should combine different organizational capabilities for data-driven value creation.


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