Some Techniques for Intelligent Searching on Ontology-based Knowledge Domain in e-Learning

Nhon Do, Hien Nguyen, Hien Nguyen, Long Hoang


E-learning is the modern way to learn by using electronic media and information and communication technologies in education. Ontology is a useful method to organize knowledge bases for intelligent educational systems. In this paper, a method for intelligent searching on ontology-based knowledge domain in e-learning is presented. This method includes an ontology representing educational knowledge domains, called Search-Onto. The foundation of this ontology is concepts, relations between concepts, operators, and rules combining the structures of problems and their solving methods. Beside the ontology organizing the knowledge base, the proposed method also studies some techniques for intelligent searching, such as searching for the knowledge content, searching on the knowledge classification, and searching the related knowledge. The method for intelligent searching based on a knowledge base has been applied to construct a search engine for the knowledge of high-school mathematics. This engine can do searching works and retrieve required information in mathematics for high-school students to support their learning.


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