Proposal of New Sports Video Expression using 8K Video by Simultaneous Analysis of Four Players

Takuya Sarugaku, Kanji Kitahama, Mitsuho Yamada


With the start of 4K and 8K broadcasting from December 2018, ultra-high-definition video is becoming more familiar. In addition, international sporting events such as the Olympic Games are drawing more attention to sports. For this reason, the technology for sports video expression, such as free-viewpoint video, has been developed. In this paper, we propose the simultaneous measurement of four units using the wireless eye movement measurement device we developed and a new video expression method for sports that simultaneously displays the line of sight and movement of the athlete. In addition, experiments in dance, badminton singles and indiaca were conducted as a preliminary experiment. In the dance experiment, we evaluated the accuracy of the eye movement measurement device before and after the high-speed rotation of a dance expert. By analyzing eye movements and body motions, we successfully measured a technique called spotting, which is used by dancers to suppress dizziness. We found that the gaze movement of badminton and indiaca players leads the shuttle, instead of following it. In badminton doubles, four players were simultaneously measured and analyzed using 8K resolution. By simultaneously measuring the gaze of the four players, we were able to identify their tactics.


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