Context-aware Knowledge Management for Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems: New Trends towards Human-machine Collective Intelligence

Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov, Andrew Ponomarev


The competitiveness of companies and organizations heavily depends on how they maintain and access highly decentralized up-to-date information & knowledge coming from various resources located in their Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems. Such systems tightly integrate heterogeneous resources of the physical world and IT (cyber) world together with social networking concepts. Context-Aware Knowledge Management is becoming de facto one of the required business strategies in these systems. Its goal is to facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing in the context of business structures and activities bound together with the cultural norms. This keynote presents new trends (including role-based organization, dynamic motivation mechanisms and multi-aspect ontology) in knowledge management for socio-cyber-physical systems. Such trends can facilitate creation of innovative IT & HR environments based on human-machine collective intelligence, where information & knowledge are shared between participants and across collectives of participants, who can be both people (collective intelligence as the methods used by humans to act collectively for problem solving) and software services (based on artificial intelligence models). The keynote considers examples of trends and their implementation experience in a global production company.


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