Automated DEMO Action Model Implementation using Blockchain Smart Contracts

Marta Aparício, Marta Aparício, Sérgio Guerreiro, Sérgio Guerreiro, Pedro Sousa, Pedro Sousa, Pedro Sousa


Enterprise Ontology theory describes a well-founded method to model the essence of an organization in a coherent, comprehensive, consistent, and concise way. Enterprise Ontology can offer advantages in understanding the essence of an organization and in using organization models as a starting point for building software supporting organizations. The availability of ontological models that express the essence of an organization becomes the fundamental element to support the correct implementation of Smart Contracts in the Blockchain of that same organization. In this context, it is intended to automatically extract from the DEMO Action Model the knowledge necessary to produce Smart Contracts in Blockchain. The advantage to be obtained is the reuse of the modeling done ontologically in line with a correct implementation of the Smart Contracts. This research feasibility is demonstrated through the well-known Rent-A-Car case.


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