Personas and Tasks for International Data Space-based Ecosystems

Torsten Werkmeister


The International Data Space (IDS) is a platform developed for a global data ecosystem, composed of interconnected devices which gather, process, exchange and trade data. IDS and industry data are the research focus of many scientific papers dealing with analysis from a technical and economic point of view (Brost et al., 2018; Graube, 2018). This paper examines the users of the IDS as personas, a method for presenting and communicating stakeholder needs for IDS. By applying a user picture and name, properties and description a persona provides product users and developers with a representation of the design target. Using this research approach, the industry-wide requirements of potential users are analyzed in a task-oriented scientific approach and presented in personas. Applying this task-oriented approach, the new roles and associated new tasks of this domain are essential, as the people and tasks are extremely risky, hard to access and complex. The results provide the prerequisites for designing user-centric interfaces for the IDS.


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