Development of a Test Environment for the Evaluation of Human-Technology Interaction in Cockpits of Highly-Automated Vehicles

Patrick Schnöll


This paper presents a technologically independent framework to describe test environments suitable for the examination of the driver take-over task present in highly-automated vehicles. As part of a structural analysis, typical influencing factors and parameters defining the driver take-over task are discussed. According to literature, existing studies examining the driver take-over task make use of various test environments. However, the comparability of their results is not given without a detailed understanding of these. Hence, based on established literature, a technologically independent framework has been developed which can be used to describe the distinct test environments. It turned out, that the referenced models had to be partially restructured in order to be suitable for the description of such test environments. The focus of the present paper lies on their technical implementation characterized by stimulus materials, which have been holistically examined for the driver take-over task. Since stimulus materials provide the foundation of a specification of test environments, this work presents an initial step towards a test specification aiming on making results obtained from examinations of the driver take-over task comparable.


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