Modeling Sport Events Legacy based on Olympic Games

Malika Grim-Yefsah, Malika Grim-Yefsah, Badamassi Jadi, Petiet Thibault, Vignais Arthur


This article presents a conceptual model of sport events legacy based on the Olympic and Paralympic Games as a reference. The legacy of mega sport events has gained ever more importance during recent years for both academics and practitioners. The International Olympic Committee looked at the concept of legacy, as it is the best argument with which to illustrate the lasting benefits that are derived from the Olympic Games. The Legacy is the way to structure the capitalization of the benefits and lessons related to the organization of major sporting events. So, our motivation is to develop a tool of the sport events legacy. The aims of the article are first, to investigate the legacy sport events literature, second, to propose a Legacy Conceptual Model (LCM) and to transpose it to a database which will be support to analyse the changes related to legacy. This research target also has a practical implication. So, we investigate how the LCM helps to analyze the legacy left by a sport event using a case study.


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