AHP-based Evaluation of the Acceptance of Autonomous Driving

André Jacob, Andreas Ahrens, Jelena Zascerinska, Cesar Benavente-Peces


In the world with seven billion people and around one billion cars, autonomous driving has the potential to become a key factor of overcoming pollution and traffic jam when considering big cities. This work discusses safety- and security related factors with simultaneous improving of the acceptance of autonomous driving. The data were obtained from the survey carried out by Deloitte analytics institute located in Germany. The data are analysed by means of the analytical hierarchy process (AHP). The theoretical finding allows concluding that, due to the technology development, the conventional division of factors into external and internal has to be extended with the third groups, namely other factors. A theoretical finding is three clusters of influencing factors. The cluster with the most influential factors includes active driving systems, sensors, car-to-car communications and algorithmic. The limitations of the study are outlined. Directions of further work are proposed.


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