Semantic Knowledge-Based-Engineering: The Codex Framework

J. Zamboni, A. Zamfir, E. Moerland


The development of complex systems within multi-domain environments requires an effective way of capturing, sharing and integrating knowledge of the involved experts. Modern Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) systems fulfill this function, making formalized knowledge executable by using highly specialized environments and languages. However, the dedication of these environments to their domain of application poses limitations on the cross-domain integration of KBE applications. The use of Semantic Web Technologies (SWT) delivers a domain-neutral way of knowledge formalization and data integration which promises to drastically reduce the effort required to integrate knowledge of multiple domains in a single representation. Especially within the complex field of aeronautical vehicle design the authors are working in, characterized by several individual disciplines having to be considered simultaneously, the combined usage of KBE and SWT technologies seems an attractive approach for the continued digitalization of the design process. In this paper, the COllaborative DEsign and eXploration (Codex) framework is presented which aims at merging these two technologies into a single framework that can be used to create domain-specific knowledge-bases and integrate these into a single model of the overall product. Formalizing and executing this model will lead to a more transparent and integrated view on complex product design.


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