Emerging Complexity: Communication between Agents in a MAS for Shape-shifting TUIs

Helen Hasenfuss


Communication is an essential component for creating shape-shifting, interactive interfaces. This paper discusses the early stages in constructing a communication protocol for a specific agent (the Dod (Hasenfuss, 2019)), to be used in a multiagent system (MAS). It is part of a larger study focused on developing novel interactive interfaces. Supporting the attempt to create a viable blueprint for an agent design, communication was explored from the perspective of artificial intelligence (AI). The components necessary for communication are tied to deeper constructs that cater for qualities such as coping mechanisms, understanding, interpretation and awareness. In the process of developing aware or conscious agents, the challenges of ethical usage of such technology comes to the foreground. Raising the necessary questions around these issues even in the development of a blueprint, can ensure a more informed and wholesome adaptation of the design once these issues can be resolved (e.g. final application, construction material, working environment, etc.).


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