Value of Collaboration: The Opportunities and Limits of Shared Value Creation in the Collaborative Practices of Mining

Jonna Käpylä


This study examines the value of collaboration in the branch of mining and asks what kind of value can be expected from the collaborative practices of mining, and what are the opportunities and limitations of shared value creation. The research was conducted as an interview study (n=17) in the Finnish municipality of Sodankylä that has been a forerunner in Finland in developing collaborative practices with the mining industry. The study constructs a value typology, which illustrates the expected value of the collaborative practices in mining, and a framework to evaluate the value of collaboration. The results show that the value of collaboration consists of different dimensions, and that the value may be process, outputs and outcomes related, or relate to the productivity of value creation. In addition, the results reveal that there are two different perceptions of the potential value of collaboration: win-win and trade-off. In conclusion, it appears that the collaboration process itself can create value for all, but the collaboration cannot meet everyone’s value expectations related to outputs and outcomes. Therefore, there are opportunities for shared value creation in the collaborative practices of mining, but it is not possible meet everyone's value expectations.


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