Exploring Empathetic and Cognitive Interfaces for Autonomous Vehicles

Benjamin Chateau, Hélène Unrein, Jean-Marc André


The work presented is carried out within the framework of the European SUaaVE project, whose objective is to study different factors of acceptability of the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) and to test different solutions on a simulator. Among these solutions is an interface capable of informing the user at any time about the road situation and reassuring him/her about the information processed by the vehicle. To do this, it benefits from an empathic function to estimate the cognitive and emotional state of the user and offer answers in terms of comfort and information. This capability is based on a cognitive model of the passenger developed in conjunction with the interface. A comfort module (driving dynamics and ambient comfort) and an emotional module (participates in empathy functions) are developed in parallel by project partners. These modules will be integrated once the prototype presented here has been tested by users and adjusted.


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