Semantic Web Applications for Danish News Media

Astrid Ildor


Most news media possess a publish-and-forget mindset: Once a news article is published, the information it contains devalue in the messy place of the unstructured Web and great potentials of combining and reusing data is missed. News media has long constituted an area of interest for Semantic Web researchers, but few studies merge technical knowledge with editorial insights. To fill the gap in literature, this study combines technical analysis with interviews and Participatory Design studies with eight Danish news journalists and digital editors. The exploration reveals three areas within the journalistic work process with significant potential of improvement: Journalists’ challenge of finding the right person to comment on a specific topic, issues of finding previously published articles, and the need for generating infoboxes. Each area is examined as a type of Semantic Web application. It is demonstrated how profound annotation of persons, places, organisations, and key terms mentioned in a body of articles is required for each application. Trustworthiness is another major challenge as this cannot yet be fully achieved within the concept of Semantic Web.


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