Analysis of Selected Characteristics of Open Data Inception Portals in the Context of Smart Cities IoT Data Accessibility

Paweł Dymora


In this study, we focus on Open Government Data, which is the sphere of public services where such type of data can be useful. In the Industry 4.0 concept, the primary data source is the IoT infrastructure. Open Data is of considerable importance for the software development process. The issue of Open Data is becoming a significant challenge nowadays. Especially when it comes to preparing data for sharing, analyzing it, and searching for hidden dependencies, which opens up new possibilities for computing and artificial intelligence. The paper shows that the architecture of solutions existing, e.g., in Poland, follows global trends. Together with statistics based on the Socrata portal, it can be noticed that these data can be and are successfully used for data processing. New methods and software are being developed for processing data as we write. The vast majority of software is data-driven, and data are needed for verification and validation. The article presents a comprehensive analysis of available open data portals with data.json files as also the analysis of the most commonly used data formats for Open Data Network portal databases.


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