System for Calculating and Managing Kilocalories Consumed and Spent through Various Domestic, Physical and Sports Activities

Rui Claudino, Pedro Passos, Gonçalo Mendonça


In times like the ones we are experiencing in the present year of 2020, motor activity is limited, predisposing to sedentary lifestyle and the imbalance between caloric consumption / energy expenditure, favoring the obesogenic phenomenon. To alleviate these circumstances, each individual must be able to obtain information on energy intake and energy expenditure on a daily basis, to control the caloric value of each meal and determine the daily energy expenditure of motor activity. The information on the caloric value of foods can be obtained from the food composition table (Regulation - EU, no. 1669/2011). Information on the caloric expenditure of motor activities is also characterized (Ainsworth, Haskell, Herrmann, Meckes, Bassett, Tudor-Locke et al., 2011). It is only necessary to consider the duration of activities and body mass. To obtain these values and establish, in real time, a comparison between the energy intake and the energy expenditure, we created a system, represented by a responsive WebApp, with the possibility of being accessed by several devices, as well as tablets and mobile phones. The WebApp uses Ajax, jQuery, PHP, SQL and JSON technologies and a MySQL database. The system also includes a backend, supported by a proprietary Model-View-Controller framework, for parameterization.


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