A Management Model of Real-time Integrated Semantic Annotations to the Sensor Stream Data for the IoT

Besmir Sejdiu, Florije Ismaili, Lule Ahmedi


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are one of the most important components of the Internet of Things (IoT). They produce continuous stream of data and transmit these data to a centralized server. Due to the dramatic increase of streaming data, their management and exploitation has become increasingly important. Furthermore, by adding semantic annotations into sensor stream data, better understanding and more meaningful descriptions is provided, which enables application areas of IoT to become much more intelligent. In this paper, a data stream management model of WSNs for IoT real-time monitoring systems, that supports real-time integration of data from heterogeneous sensors with semantic annotations is presented. To validate the proposed model, an IoT system for real-time water quality monitoring is built, which enables real-time integration of semantic annotations to the sensor stream data in the format of Sensor Observation Service (SOS).


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