Smart City Development: Positioning Citizens in the Service Life Cycle (Citizens as Primary Customer)

Priyanka Singh, Fiona Lynch, Markus Helfert


There has been an enormous discussion around involving the citizens in smart city design and development. However most of the papers discussed citizen’s involvement and their feedback at the initial level of the service design where they intend to support citizen’s ideas with the help of methodologies, tools, templates, online platforms such e-participation, m-gov etc. Nevertheless, there are very few articles which discuss the impact of citizen’s feedback after the deployment of the services. With this systematic literature review we highlight that for the successful smart city development, there is a requirement to obtain citizen’s feedback not only during the initial stages of the service design and planning but also after the deployment of the services in order to recognize if their feedback really had any implication in the actual design process; and if the services are working as they were planned initially with the feedback of the citizens during the initial phases of the service design process.


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