Towards an Ontology for Representing a Student’s Profile in Adaptive Gamified Learning System

Siwar Missaoui, Souha Bennani, Ahmed Maalel, Ahmed Maalel


Learner and learning content are the key factors contributing towards the success of any adaptive learning system. Each learner searches for an adequate environment to his needs which offers personalized and adaptive content that provides a learning experience to be more successful and more useful to him. Moreover, he likes to study in a fun and entertaining environment that gives them a sense of engagement and motivation. Education research shows that considering student profile is effective in adapting courses and profile modeling is an important process that aims to give as complete representation as possible of all the aspects related to the user's features. With regard to motivation, some studies have approved that gamification is a good solution to enhance student engagement and that there is a strong link between it and motivation. Therefore, this article presents our contribution through a SPOnto ontology for representation of students profile, by combining the two concepts “adaptive learning” and “gamification” to provide a personalized gamified experience. We propose a student profile ontology, to benefit from semantic web technologies, which presents a global model of the student based on many important characteristics in order to help decision-making in the different academic contexts and to motivate him to achieve his learning goals.


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