Deployment of Multi-agent Pathfinding on a Swarm of Physical Robots Centralized Control via Reflex-based Behavior

Ján Chudý, Nestor Popov, Pavel Surynek


Multi-agent pathfinding is a problem of finding paths for multiple agents from their initial configuration to their goal configuration that results in a plan execution without collisions. In this paper, we deploy MAPF solutions on a swarm of small mobile robots. During the plan execution, we mitigate the problem of desynchronization that comes with the plan execution on physical hardware using the reflex-based behavior of the robots. Such deployment can help researchers and educators to demonstrate and test their findings in the physical world. The robot has a line-following capability that can be used for simulation of discrete MAPF solutions. The control curves are displayed in real-time on a display on which the robots move during their path execution. A prototype of the deployment was built and tested experimentally.


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