Design of Syllabic Vibration Pattern for Incoming Notification on a Smartphone

Masaki Omata, Misa Kuramoto


We designed vibration patterns that notify a degree of urgency of an incoming message on a smartphone, a type of communication tool of the message and the sender’ name, while the message is being received on the smartphone. The design assigns segmentations of the vibration to syllables of the words such as “twitter” or “LINE” and sender’s surname. We propose that the patterns are easy-to-memorize and easy-to-discriminate because the vibration syllables imitate the syllabic sounds. Therefore, a user who senses and hears the vibrations can easily discriminate the information without looking at the smartphone screen. Discriminative correctness of the vibrations patterns was tested in a usability study with the smartphone in the user’s hand or trouser pocket. For two degrees of urgency, six types of communication tools and six senders’ names, the average correct answer rate was 78% in the hand and 34% in the pocket.


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