Harmoney: Semantics for FinTech

Stijn Verstichel, Thomas Blommaert, Stijn Coppens, Thomas Van Maele, Wouter Haerick, Wouter Haerick, Femke Ongenae


As a result of legislation imposed by the European Parliament, in order to protect inhabitants from being exposed to a too high financial risk when investing in a variety of financial markets and products, Financial Service Providers (FSPs) are obliged to test the knowledge and experience of potential investors. This is oftemtimes done by means of questionnaires. However, these questionnaires differ in style and structure from one FSP to the other. The goal of this research is to manage in a more cost-effective manner (aligned with the needs and competencies of the individual financial investor in terms of products and services) the management of the private equity and to facilitate the fine-tuned personalised financial advisory services needed. This is achieved by means of a knowledge-based approach, integrating the available information of the investor (e.g. personal profile in terms of financial knowledge and experience) and for an extendable amount of financial service providers with their financial products and demonstrated by a number of exemplary use case scenarios.


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