Design of Neck Protection Guards for Cricket Helmets

T. Pang, P. Dabnichki


Cricket helmet safeguards have come under scrutiny due to the lack of protection at the basal skull and neck region, which resulted in the fatal injury of one Australian cricketer in 2014. Current cricket helmet design has a number of shortcomings, the major one being the lack of a neck guard. This paper introduces a novel neck protection guard that provides protection to a cricket helmet wearer’s head and neck, without restricting head movements and obstructing the airflow, but achieving a minimal weight. Adopting an engineering design approach, the concept was generated using computer aided design software. The design was performed through several iterative processes to achieve an optimal solution. A prototype was then created using rapid prototyping technology and tested experimentally to meet the objectives and design constraints. The experimental results showed that the novel neck protection guard reduced by more than 50% the head acceleration values in the drop test in accordance to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4499.1-3:1997 protective headgear for cricket. Further experimental and computer simulation analysis are recommended to select suitable materials for the neck guards with satisfactory levels of protection and impact-attenuation capabilities for users.


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