Sociotechnical Determinants’ Effects on Person-job Fit and Life Satisfaction in Two Different Knowledge Work Contexts

Ilona Toth, Sanna Heinänen, Anna-Maija Nisula, Aino Kianto


The purpose of this paper is to study the role of person-job fit as a mediator between perceived organizational support, organization engagement, as well as technology ease of use and general life satisfaction. New forms of organizing knowledge work may challenge conventional employee well-being theories; therefore, it is important to investigate aspects that affect knowledge workers’ satisfaction with life. We built a theoretical model and used SEM with LISREL to test our hypotheses with a dataset (N = 332) composed of traditional knowledge workers (n = 190) and digital work platform experts (n = 142). Our results show that the relationship between person-job fit and life satisfaction is stronger for traditional knowledge workers, and that organization engagement is more important to traditional knowledge workers, while technology ease of use is more important for digital work platform experts. Our findings indicate that there are differences in the antecedents of person-job fit depending on the knowledge work context.


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