Analysis of the Viability of the LexDoBusiness Collaborative Platform

Hélder Azeredo, José Reis, Agostinho Pinto


The objective of this work is to validate the viability of the LexDoBusiness collaborative platform project with the main stakeholders. Considering that the LexDoBusiness project should address several issues, including digital transformation, that brings together several services essential to its success, such as legal, accounting, tax and technological services, this work, regarding the research methodology, uses Design Science Research because it is considered the most appropriate for this project, which had the external collection of secondary data present in the platforms of INE, RACIUS and PORDATA, as well as the collection of primary data through a semi-structured survey addressed to clients of a network of lawyers and potential clients. The LexDoBusiness value proposition is the personalization of its services and in the relationship with its customers, as the permanent support, offering in a single platform, the qualification of entrepreneurs, support in different areas such as legal and conflict mediation, marketing, accounting and tax, as well as the IT area with the development and hosting of the company’s website. Clients will also be able to check anywhere and at any time the status of the resolution of their case, the procedural costs, fees, documents and invoices. The results of the questionnaire, confirmed the research problem initially formulated that most clients prefer to hire lawyers with physical offices, which led the business plan to take this preference into consideration rather than the provision of legal services exclusively online without neglecting the economic and financial viability of the project.


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