Contributions of Neuromarketing to Design

Bruno Silva, Agostinho Pinto, Cristina Costa-Lobo


The reported study aims to assign different perspectives for reflection; to consider how neuromarketing can assist in understanding consumer behavior, intending to investigate the best way to develop products and improve communication through neuroscience. The systematic literature review referred here applies as a scientific method of research and analysis in a specific area of science. Following the PRISMA guidelines (2009), the research was carried out in March and April 2020, in seven electronic databases for the inclusion of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed studies published in Portuguese or English, master's or doctoral theses and research reports that focused in neuromarketing. One hundred and fifty studies were conducted, 20 of which, met the inclusion criteria. 1st filter: title, abstract, keywords and references; 2nd filter: introduction and conclusion of studies; 3rd filter: full reading of the studies (Liberati et al., 2009).


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