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Authors: Nicolas T. Courtois 1 ; Pinar Emirdag 2 and Daniel A. Nagy 3

Affiliations: 1 University College London, United Kingdom ; 2 Independent Market Structure Professional, United Kingdom ; 3 Eötvös Lóránd University, Hungary

ISBN: 978-989-758-045-1

Keyword(s): Electronic Payment, Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin, Double-spending Attacks, Decentralized Markets, Equities Trading, High Frequency Trading, Timestamps, Proof of Stake, Security Engineering.

Related Ontology Subjects/Areas/Topics: Applied Cryptography ; Cryptographic Techniques and Key Management ; Data Engineering ; Databases and Data Security ; Information and Systems Security ; Peer-To-Peer Security ; Security Engineering ; Security in Distributed Systems ; Security in Information Systems ; Security Protocols

Abstract: Bitcoin is a crypto currency, a distributed peer-to-peer fi nancial system. Well actually it is an electronic system which manages the provisional ownership of a strictly fixed supply of abstract fungible units which really works as a distributed property register or a digital notary service. This is not so diff erent than managing the ownership of shares in traditional fi nancial markets. Modern financial institutions increasingly just do NOT trust each other, they build co-operative robust and decentralized and increasingly transparent, electronic systems which are and able to both serve the diverse objectives of participants (e.g. traders) and uphold certain security policies. Is Bitcoin actually so brilliant to be called the Internet of money as it is sometimes claimed? Not quite. Consider just the question of speed. Super low latency transactions are a norm in the fi nancial industry, and even ordinary people have access to super fast bank transfers and real-time credit card t ransactions. Bitcoin remains rather the horse carriage of money. In this paper we look at the question of fast transaction acceptance in bitcoin and other crypto currencies. We claim that bitcoin needs to change in order to be able to satisfy the most basic needs of modern users. (More)


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Paper citation in several formats:
T. Courtois, N.; Emirdag, P. and A. Nagy, D. (2014). Could Bitcoin Transactions Be 100x Faster?.In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Security and Cryptography - Volume 1: SECRYPT, (ICETE 2014) ISBN 978-989-758-045-1, pages 426-431. DOI: 10.5220/0005102804260431

author={Nicolas {T. Courtois}. and Pinar Emirdag. and Daniel {A. Nagy}.},
title={Could Bitcoin Transactions Be 100x Faster?},
booktitle={Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Security and Cryptography - Volume 1: SECRYPT, (ICETE 2014)},


JO - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Security and Cryptography - Volume 1: SECRYPT, (ICETE 2014)
TI - Could Bitcoin Transactions Be 100x Faster?
SN - 978-989-758-045-1
AU - T. Courtois, N.
AU - Emirdag, P.
AU - A. Nagy, D.
PY - 2014
SP - 426
EP - 431
DO - 10.5220/0005102804260431

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