Private Data in Collaborative Web Mashups

Gregor Blichmann, Andreas Rümpel, Martin Schrader, Carsten Radeck, Klaus Meißner


Situational development and utilization of long-tail Web applications often involves scenarios with multiple persons interacting. Keeping private data under control comes into focus when using applications in sensitive domains, such as financial management. Main problems comprise the lack of data restriction capabilities in an adequate granularity, missing awareness on data restricted as well as missing visual representations both on previewing such private data and replacement of non-shared data on the invitee’s side. To this end, we present an innovative sharing process with fine-grained control of private data, sharing awareness and impression management. Further, policy compliance for private data enables corporate use, fostering the utilization of the collaborative Web mashup paradigm in business application scenarios. A user study shows the suitability of the corresponding interaction features for the target group of Web users with no programming skills.


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