Evaluation of Firewall Open Source Software

Diogo Sampaio, Jorge Bernardino


Computers systems are virtually in every area of our life, but their use has several risks. This is particularly relevant for small business that are beginning to resort in informatics systems for all their activities, and where a breach of security can have catastrophic consequences. Most risks or security vulnerabilities, besides inadverted errors, originates from criminal activity, which anonymously thrives on the Web and can outbreak any organization, mainly for profit but sometimes just for the challenge of doing it. Consequently, creating and managing a security system is often the main form of precaution and it is the solution that guarantees better success rates. In this paper, we are interested in software with a lower financial cost, therefore our focus is in Free and Open Source Software. To this end, the following types of security tools are analyzed: Firewall and Web Applications Firewall (WAF).


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