The Impact of Cloud Forensic Readiness on Security

Ahmed Alenezi, Nurul H N. Zulkipli, Hany F. Atlam, Robert J. Walters, Gary B. Wills


The rapid increase in the use of cloud computing has led it to become a new arena for cybercrime. Since cloud environments are, to some extent, a new field for digital forensics, a number of technical, legal and organisational challenges have been raised. Although security and digital forensics share the same concerns, when an attack occurs, the fields of security and digital forensics are considered different disciplines. This paper argues that cloud security and digital forensics in cloud environments are converging fields. As a result, unifying security and forensics by being forensically ready and including digital forensics aspects in security mechanisms would enhance the security level in cloud computing, increase forensic capabilities and prepare organizations for any potential attack.


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