Process Development for the Liquid-sensing Enterprise

Carlos Agostinho, José Ferreira, Joaquim Pereira, Catarina Lucena, Klaus Fischer


Servitization and product-based services are used to support the integration of products and services with customers, enabling companies to maintain a competitive advantage in their markets. However, in order to achieve these capabilities is necessary to have flexible processes and services. The enterprise needs to become self and context aware to meet these new challenges, and with the Internet-of-Things development, resources can be shared across companies to reduce costs. Enterprise integration is an essential component of enterprise and service engineering but traditional modelling techniques need to evolve and become more dynamic, separating concerns but at the same time promoting knowledge reuse. This paper contributes to a more flexible environment for information systems and service development, proposing a model-driven framework for dynamic process development in the enterprise of the future. It applies the concept of the liquid-sensing enterprise following the Osmosis processes paradigm, supporting the enterprises to model and design their processes at business and technical level. With the support of a modelling toolbox the enterprises are able to parameterize their processes and accelerate the advancement from the design phase into services execution phase.


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