Towards Effective SysML Model Reuse

Roy Mendieta, Jose Luis de la Vara, Juan Llorens, Jose María Álvarez-Rodríguez


The Systems Modeling Language (SysML) is spreading very fast. Most modelling tool vendors support it and practitioners have adopted it for Systems Engineering. The number of SysML models is growing, increasing the need for and the potential benefit from platforms that allow a user to reuse the knowledge represented in the models. However, SysML model reuse remains challenging. Each tool has its own implementation of SysML, hindering reuse between tools. The search capabilities of most tools are also very limited and finding reusable models can be difficult. This paper presents our vision and initial work towards enabling an effective reuse of the knowledge contained in SysML models. The proposed solution is based on a universal information representation model called RSHP and on existing technology for indexing and retrieval. The solution has been used to index models of all SysML diagram types and preliminary validated with requirements diagrams. The results from the validation show that the solution has very high precision and recall. This makes us confident that the solution can be a suitable means for effective SysML model reuse.


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