Objective Measurement of Hypertrophic Scars using Skin Colorimeter

Iveta Bryjova, Jan Kubicek, Vladimir Kasik, Daniel Kamensky, Hana Klosova, Marek Penhaker, Martin Cerny


The paper deals with the methodology of the scars pigmentation objective assessment and their time evaluation on the base acquired data with the skin colorimeter prototype DSC1 (Detection of Scar Color). The analysis is primarily focused on the hypertrophic scars pigmentation assessment after heeling of deep burns which often exhibit the pigmentation. In the process of the scars evaluation in some patients it goes to the spontaneous pigmentation changes. If the pigmentation changes long-term persist and patient requires corrections, various treatment methods can influence these pigmentation changes (for instance the laser therapy and others). In the context of the complex development evaluation and in the process of the scars treatment, these changes are commonly observable well but their quantification is usually difficult, therefore using of the objective methods is desirable. The particular kind of such objective method is the skin colorimeter. The technical concept and testing of the skin colorimeter prototype DSC1 is presented in this paper.


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