Towards a Service-Oriented Architecture for eVoting

Boris Shishkov


The latest advances in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are changing our society, but have different implications on different domains. Some domains, such as the digital content –based businesses, are enjoying (almost) full ICT utilization whereas other domains, assuming physical and/or societal and/or “intuitive” inputs, are much less successful in terms of digitization. Voting using digital technology (or “eVoting” for short) is in between those domains since: (i) the mere process of voting is a very good “candidate” for digitization but at the same time (ii) the “surrounding” societal aspects are often difficult to “frame” as Internet-based services. (i) can be seen from the “voting through computer” observed in several European countries while (ii) can be seen from the lack (to date) of technology-enabled systems completely supporting the voting process and its related aspects. Further, the conceptualization and implementation of any voting system is to originate from legislation – this makes the goal of resolving (i) + (ii) even more challenging. Hence, to benefit from ICT, the question remains what should be done and how it should be done. The step from legislation to requirements and implementations taking into account socio-technical aspects, is crucial for the successful realization of eVoting. Despite its relevance, this has been given hardly sufficient attention in literature. This void is addressed by the current position paper; the contribution of the paper is two-fold: we firstly propose a general technology-independent conceptual model on voting and on this basis, we propose requirements for (partially) digitizing this process. Requirements are dependent on the societal context and therefore we opted for focusing on one particular EU country where the transition to eVoting is currently under discussion. We have planned as future research to reflect the identified requirements into architectures and implementations, and to get experts’ feedback on this.


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