Identifying Intra-Cortical Recording Instabilities

Maran Ma, Theodoros P. Zanos, Matthew M. Krause, Christopher C. Pack, Timothy E. Kennedy


Cortical multielectrode-arrays (MEA) offer some of the highest resolution technology for detecting clinical user intent for controlling prosthesis, such as robotics and functional electrical stimulation. To improve MEAs to retain more stable channels, it is critical to prioritize engineering requirements, as the biological vs. non-biological causes of instability/failure may require opposite design strategies. We examined long term intra-cortical recordings from sensory & processing areas of macaque cortex - where neural activity can be regulated by stimuli - and analysed individual channel spike rates and biological noise: 1) Quantifying and fitting the distribution of spike rates per session gave an illustrative statistic of channel stability. This method does not rely on spike sorting, which is non-trivial to perform and the margins of error are harmful to stability assessment. 2) Tabulating all peaks in the recording showed that the "core" of the amplitude distribution (comprised of biological noise and system noise) can remain constant when the spike count is low, indicating cellular causes such as poor health of a neuron; this analysis also identified sessions with abnormal signal core shape, suggesting true hardware failure.


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