MYNTS: Multi-phYsics NeTwork Simulator

Tanja Clees, Kläre Cassirer, Nils Hornung, Bernhard Klaassen, Igor Nikitin, Lialia Nikitina, Robin Suter, Inna Torgovitskaia


We present a generic approach for the simulation of transport networks, where the steps of physical modeling and numerical simulation are effectively separated. The model is described by a list of physical equations and inequalities as problem constraints for non-linear programming (NLP). This list is translated to the language of expression trees and is made accessible for the numerical solution by standard NLP solvers. Various problem types can be solved in this way, including stationary and transient network simulation, feasibility analysis and energy-saving optimization. The simulation is provided for different disciplines, such as gas transport, water supply and electric power networks. We demonstrate the implementation of this approach in our multiphysics network simulator.


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