Robust Index Code with Digital Images on the Internet

Minsu Kim, Kunwoo Lee, Katsuhiko Gondow, Jun-ichi Imura


A new color code which has high robustness is proposed, called Robust Index Code (RIC for short). RIC can be used on digital images and link them with the database. There are several technologies embedding data into images such as QR Code and Digital watermark. QR Code cannot be used on digital images because it does not have robustness on digital images. Besides Digital watermark can be used on digital images, but embedded data cannot be extracted 100% on damaged images. From evaluation using our implemented RIC encoder and decoder, the encoded indexes can be extracted 100% on compressed images to 30%. We also implemented a doubt color correction algorithm for damaged images. In conclusion, RIC has the high robustness on digital images. Hence, it is able to store all the type of digital products by embedding indexes into digital images to access database, which means it makes a Superdistribution system with digital images realized. Therefore RIC has the potential for new Internet image services, since all the images encoded by RIC are possible to access original products anywhere.


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