Easing Scientific Computing and Federated Management in the Cloud with OCCI

Zdeněk Šustr, Diego Scardaci, Jiří Sitera, Boris Parák, Víctor Méndez Muñoz


One of the benefits of OCCI stems from simplifying the life of developers aiming to integrate multiple cloud managers. It provides them with a single protocol to abstract the differences between cloud service implementations used on sites run by different providers. This comes particularly handy in federated clouds, such as the EGI Federated Cloud Platform, which bring together providers who run different cloud management platforms on their sites: most notably OpenNebula, OpenStack, or Synnefo. Thanks to the wealth of approaches and tools now available to developers of virtual resource management solutions, different paths may be chosen, ranging from a small-scale use of an existing command line client or single-user graphical interface, to libraries ready for integration with large workload management frameworks and job submission portals relied on by large science communities across Europe. From lone wolves in the long-tail of science to virtual organizations counting thousands of users, OCCI simplifies their life through standardization, unification, and simplification. Hence cloud applications based on OCCI can focus on user specifications, saving cost and reaching a robust development life-cycle. To demonstrate this, the paper shows several EGI Federated Cloud experiences, demonstrating the possible approaches and design principles.


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