3D Vizualization of Large Scale Data Centres

Giannis Drossis, Chryssi Birliraki, Nikolaos Patsiouras, George Margetis, Constantine Stephanidis


This paper reports on ongoing work regarding interactive 3D visualization of large scale data centres in the context of Big Data and data centre infrastructure management. The proposed approach renders a virtual area of real data centres preserving the actual arrangement of their servers and visualizes their current state while it notifies users for potential server anomalies. The visualization includes several condition indicators, updated in real time, as well as a color-coding scheme for the current servers’ condition referring to a scale from normal to critical. Furthermore, the system supports on demand exploration of an individual server providing detailed information about its condition, for a specific timespan, combining historical analysis of previous values and the prediction of potential future state. Additionally, natural interaction through hand-gestures is supported for 3D navigation and item selection, based on a computer-vision approach.


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