Embedding Cloud Computing inside Supercomputer Architectures

Patrick Dreher, Mladen Vouk


Recently there has been a surge of interest in several prototype software systems that can embed a cloud computing image with user applications into a supercomputer’s hardware architecture. This position paper will summarize these efforts and comment on the advantages of each design and will also discuss some of the challenges that one faces with such software systems. This paper takes the position that specific types of user applications may favor one type of design over another. Different designs may have potential advantages for specific user applications and each design also brings a considerable cost to assure operability and overall computer security. A “one size fits all design” for a cost effective and portable solution for Supercomputer/cloud delivery is far from being a solved problem. Additional research and development should continue exploring various design approaches. In the end several different types of supercomputer/cloud implementations may be needed to optimally satisfy the complexity and diversity of user needs, requirements and security concerns. The authors also recommend that the community recognize a distinction when discussing cluster-type HPC/Cloud versus Supercomputer/Cloud implementations because of the substantive differences between these systems.


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