Evaluation of an Integrated Intermodal Travel Service

Markus C. Beutel, Barbara S. Zaunbrecher, Simon Himmel, Karl-Heinz Krempels, Martina Ziefle


Combining heterogeneous mobility services during one single trip, intermodal traveling is hindered by barriers on different levels. Especially, by incorporating (electric) sharing services, e.g., car- or bikesharing, complex travel chains might occur. To provide flexible intermodal mobility to users, integration has to be realized in various areas: Beyond the provision of comprehensive travel information, it is possible to integrate even further on the business model level. Within a large field test of a comprehensive travel information system, called Mobility Broker, perceptions towards an integrated offering of heterogeneous mobility services are examined. Hereby, different services are not only integrated concerning travel information, but also in the area of distribution. Results indicate that the solution has the potential to deliver extensive flexibility for mobility users and to lower barriers towards alternative mobility modes. Nevertheless, transparent implementation is required and capacity issues could form an obstructive bottleneck. Furthermore, data security and privacy issues could be barriers for widespread acceptance of bundled tariffs.


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