Performance Analysis of an OpenStack Private Cloud

Anita Schmidt, Balazs Gibizer, Roland Tornyai, Tamas Pflanzner, Attila Kertesz


Cloud Computing is a novel technology offering flexible resource provisions for business stakeholders to manage IT applications and data responding to new customer demands. It is not an easy task to determine the performance of the ported applications in advance. The virtualized nature of these environments always represent a certain level of performance degradation, which is also dependent on the types of resources and application scenarios. In this paper we have set up a performance evaluation environment within a private OpenStack deployment, and defined general use cases to be executed and evaluated in this cloud. These test cases are used for investigating the internal behavior of OpenStack in terms of computing and networking capabilities of its provisioned virtual machines. The results of our investigation reveal the performance of general usage scenarios in a local cloud, give an insight for businesses planning to move to the cloud and provide hints where further development or fine tuning is needed in order to improve OpenStack systems.


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