Converging Future Internet, “Things”, and Big Data: A Specification Following NovaGenesis Model

Antonio M. Alberti, Eduardo S. dos Reis, Rodrigo da R. Righi, Víctor M. Muñoz, Victor Chang


The convergence of Internet of “things” (IoT) with big data platforms and cloud computing is already happening. However, the vast majority, if not all the proposals are based on the current Internet technologies. The convergence of IoT, big data and cloud in “clean slate” architectures is an unexplored topic. In this article, we discuss this convergence considering the viewpoint of a “clean slate” proposal called NovaGenesis. We specify a set of NovaGenesis services to publish sensor device’s data in distributed hash tables employing selfverifying addresses and contract-based trust network formation. IoT devices capabilities and configurations are exposed to software-controllers, which control their operational parameters. The specification covers how the “things” sensed information are subscribed by a big data service and injected in Spark big data platform, allowing NovaGenesis services to subscribe data analytics from Spark. Future work include implementation of the proposed specifications and further investigation of NovaGenesis services performance and scalability.


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