A Meta-model for Dynamic Workflow Evolution

Berraouna Abdelkader, Amirat Abdelkrim, Meslati Djamel


Workflow systems such as they are today do not provide sufficient flexibility needed to deal with certain situations that may arise during the execution, especially in critical environments such as medical systems and banking systems. In this context, this paper treat the adaptive workflow based on Meta-Model approach and components-based software approach. These provide granularity, flexibility and reliability needed for effective and safe development of the workflow. The work is both in terms of the development process and in terms of the support platform, which should ensure the adaptability and propose a generic component-oriented framework to build, run and develop dynamic workflow templates. Our research objectives are: First, the proposal of a proper workflow development approach that takes into account the evolution of these systems appearance. Then the realization of a framework environment that takes advantage of the component approach and the meta-model approach and its features.


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