A Repeatable Framework for Best Fit Cloud Solution

Emmanuel Kayode Akinshola Ogunshile


To respond to business challenges with agility, modern businesses have to evolve quickly to stay competitive. Unfortunately, in many situations, proliferation of heterogeneous Information Technology shifts act as a barrier to innovations instead of as a driving force. Crucially, this is due to the confusions that they sometimes cause whilst Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are trying to elect the right technology solution appropriate for a given business challenge i.e. amidst various comparable options, claims, features and benefits from different technology vendors available in the market. To help small SMEs quickly make timely decision on what technology solutions are appropriate for a given business challenge i.e. given the vast array of solutions available in today’s market, this paper proposes a guideline for an implementable solution for any SME with similar requirements to our chosen fictitious customer called EPM. The paper will cover main areas such as introducing a generic SME business case, analysing hardware solutions and methods typically employed in cloud networks to reduce costs. Then the paper will introduce the solutions as a repeatable framework to be critically analysed to find a suitable solution for the customer, this will then be looked into with any other cloud principals that could create a better fitting solution for the customer.


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