A Data Extraction Process for Avionics Systems’ Interface Specifications

Hassna Louadah, Roger Champagne, Yvan Labiche, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc


Avionics systems, along with their internal hardware and software components interfaces, must be well defined and specified (e.g., unambiguous, complete, verifiable, consistent, and traceable specification). Such a specification is usually written in the form of an Interface Control Document (ICD), and represents the cornerstone of the avionics system integration activities. However, there is no commonly accepted language to define and use these ICDs and no common definition of what an ICD is or should contain. Indeed, avionics companies define their own, proprietary ICDs and processes. In this paper, we first identify the pieces of information that an ICD should contain for both federated and IMA open systems. Then, we propose a data extraction process that enables better understanding and more efficient extraction of open avionics systems interface specifications, and provides a clearer vision on the information needed to build a model driven solution for modeling avionics system interfaces, our long-term goal. We validate this process by applying it on a set of open avionics sub-system standards and the results have shown its feasibility.


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