A Flexible PET-based Wearable Sensor for Arterial Pulse Waveform Measurement

Dan Wang, Dean Krusienski, Zhili Hao


In light of the need of health monitoring, the paper presents a flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-based wearable sensor for arterial pulse waveform measurement. The sensor encompasses a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microstructure embedded with an electrolyte-enabled 5×1 transducer array, which spans 6mm and has a spatial resolution of 1.5mm. A pulse signal exerts a deflection on the microstructure and is recorded as a resistance change by a transducer at the site of the pulse. An untrained individual can easily align the sensor on a targeted artery with a negligible margin and then acquire the arterial pulse waveform continuously and non-invasively. This sensor is fabricated using microfluidics technology and thus features low cost for mass production. The sensor is hand-held on an artery and records its pulse signal for a 10s period, which bears baseline drift, due to the respiration and the motion artifact. Discrete Meyer Wavelet Transform (DMWT) and Cubic Spline Estimation (CSE) are employed to remove baseline drift in a pulse signal. The pulse waveform is expressed in terms of the sensor deflection as a function of time. Carotid arterial pulse waveforms are measured by the sensor on three subjects at rest and on two subjects post-exercise. Additionally, radial arterial waveforms are measured on one subject at rest. The measured pulse pattern change of the two subjects between at rest and post-exercise is consistent with the literature. As the pulse transmits from central (carotid) to peripheral (radial) for one subject, the ratio of amplitude of main peak to amplitude of dicrotic wave goes up and the up-stroke time becomes shorter. This is consistent with the related observations in the literature. Thus, the limited amount of data collected here demonstrates the feasibility of using the sensor as a wearable health monitoring device.


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