Experimental Evaluation of Password Recovery in Encrypted Documents

Radek Hranický, Petr Matoušek, Ondřej Ryšavý, Vladimír Veselý


Many document formats and archiving tools (PDF, DOC, ZIP) support encryption to protect the privacy of sensitive contents of the documents. The encryption is based on standard cryptographic algorithms as AES, SHA, and RC4. For forensic purposes, investigators are often challenged to analyze these encrypted documents. The task of password recovery can be solved using exhaustive state space search using dictionaries or password generators augmented with heuristic rules to speed up recovery. In our experimental study, we focus on the password recovery of the common document and archiving formats using parallel computation on conventional hardware with multi-core CPUs or accelerated by GPU processors. We show how recovery time can be estimated based on the alphabet, maximal password length and the performance of a given hardware. Our results are demonstrated on Wrathion, a tool developed by our research team.


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