Performance Improvement in Beacon-enabled LR-WPAN-based Wireless Sensor Networks

Hong Min Bae, Chan Min Park, Shinil Suh, Rana Asif Rehman, Byung-Seo Kim


LR-WPANs have two types of networks: beacon–enabled and non-beacon-enabled networks. In beacon-enabled LR-WPANs, the high reliability of Beacon frame transmission is required because all transmissions is controlled by the in-formation in the Beacon frame. However, the process to handle the case for the beacon-loss is not well-defined in the standard. In this paper, an enhanced protocol for the case when a Beacon frame is lost is proposed to improve network performances. The protocol allows a device not receiving a Beacon frame to keep transmit its pending frames only within the minimum period of CAP based on the previously received Beacon frame while the standard prevents the device from sending any pending frame during a whole superframe. By simulation and evaluations, the effectiveness of the proposed protocol on improving performances is proven.


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